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Fire drill

In order to further strengthen the company's safety education work and improve the safety awareness of all employees, our company carried out fire fighting training and evacuation drills on November 9.


The fire protection trainer explains how to avoid fire, how to deal with emergency and how to save themselves and escape from fire by combining vivid and real fire cases, and introduces the location of all fire extinguishers in the company.


The colleague in charge of production safety demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers. All the staff operated fire extinguishers to extinguish fires.


Drill began, "fire alarm" suddenly sounded, communication group members quickly report the fire, turn off the power, notify the office staff. All employees of the company quickly ran down the safe passage to the outer courtyard of the building. The whole transfer process was in an orderly manner. There were no stampedes, falls and other accidents.


This fire escape drill publicity in place, organized in an orderly way, so that employees can intuitively and concretely understand the importance of fire safety and the practical method of escape and self-rescue, all staff unanimously praised.

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