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food safe silicone cupcake molds loaf for bread

food safe silicone cupcake molds loaf for bread

Food safe silicone cupcake molds loaf for bread

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Product characteristics

The bread industry generally moves towards the mode of chain operation, and the frozen dough method develops rapidly. Because of the high moisture content of frozen dough, the need for a "breathable" bread mold has led to the creation of fibre-glass coated liquid silicone molds, which have become the norm for large chains such as subway.If you mix the dough by yourself, put the dough into a mold for final fermentation, and then put it into the oven for baking. Since the aeration mold can let the moisture inside the dough ooze and evaporate, the baked bread and cake will be more crisp and delicious!

You can design your own silicone cake mold and send AI or PDF artwork to us.

Product Parameter

MaterialFood grade silicone and fiberglass
Shape/Color/LogoCan be customized
PackageOpp bags or carton

AMMT-20171620 cup Round Perforated bread formMaterial:silicone +glass fiber




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Product Details

Non stick
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Long service life
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Product Application

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ACETECH silicone cupcake molds is of flexible design. It is custom-designed and manufactured with a precise product in mind, and its format is also depended on the location, product, and desired objective. It is well-crafted to combine function with aesthetics
The design of ACETECH silicone chocolate molds is done with serious thought. It takes various factors into consideration such the width of the channel to be used, how big the cash register is and where it is to be put. Our QC team takes multiple tests over the product to insure the up-to-expectation quality
The production stages of ACETECH silicone cupcake molds include several aspects. It has to be processed by die casting, contouring, finish machining, surface treating, electrostatic spraying, and voltage testing. It, based on fine craftsmanship and excellent materials, maintains good conditions in harsh environments
The manufacturing of ACETECH silicone cupcake molds requires precision machining tools. The electric screwdrivers, test pen, and other full system assemblies offer increased speed, flexibility, and precision during product fabrication. It is stably structured to guarantee the firmness
ACETECH silicone cupcake molds will go through a strict quality test. Its mating dimension, roughness, flatness, and specification are tested by the QC team to guarantee that it meets the requirements for the specific sealing application. Its manufacturing is carried out in our 10,000 m2 factory
The product undergoes a full upgrade of its overall performance. Adopting top-notch energy-keeping technologies, it uses less electricity but yields more powerful and higher efficiency. The product is sturdy with solid wood
The product has a high application safety factor. It is carefully designed with proven safety mechanisms to eliminate any errors or malfunctions. Made of hardwood solids and engineered wood, it is a durable construction
It is not likely to cause mechanical damage. Due to its good insulation performance, the product will not cause fusion, fracture or deformation problems. A strong professional service team is its great support
This product is long-lasting. It has been optimized to prevent any leak and the electrolyte are made with a precise formula for pre-aging. The product is capable of huge loading
This product has a powerful energy bank. During the daylight, it absorbs as much solar light as it can for overnight use. It can be either OEMed or ODMed so that it could meet most needs
ACETECH SILICONES CO., LTD. has realized high standardized governance, high management efficiency, high degree of marketization and strong operating capabilities. With detailed instructions, the product is easy to assemble
We value silicone cupcake molds just as we value our customers. The product is sturdy with solid wood
The daily development habits of ACETECH SILICONES CO., LTD. helps it produce the top-notch quality silicone cupcake molds. It is processed specially to resist scratches and stains
The outer packing for silicone chocolate molds can be customized based on our customers' requirements. It offers ultimate year-round comfort
ACETECH – a famous brand of silicone cupcake molds, proudly designs and produces silicone cupcake molds. The product, made of high-grade materials and accessories, has a long service life
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