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ISO9001 annual audit

A few days ago, Acetech Silicones ushered in the ISO9001 certification expert group of the company's quality management system for the supervision and recertification. With the daily strict implementation of 9001 quality management system, our company passed the audit smoothly.


Acetech Silicones has passed the 9001 quality management system for many years. This time we apply for a replacement certificate for examination. During the inspection by the external audit expert group, we used 9001 quality management system and kept refining and upgrading management, which was recognized by the expert group. At the same time, the certification expert group was impressed by the employees' full understanding of 9001 quality management system, their proficiency in silicone products and the accurate technical data provided.


In the process of audit, we actively participate in, answer the questions of experts carefully, and timely provide the evidence resources needed for the audit, so that the audit work goes smoothly. The spirit of ownership and the corporate culture of the company have been recognized by the expert group.  


All staff of the company conscientiously implement excellent team management, environmental management and other measures. In the face of fierce market competition, we are ready to unite and develop together!


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