What about the maximum supply of silicone dough mat by ACETECH SILICONES per month?
This depends upon both production capacity and inventory of silicone dough mat in ACETECH SILICONES CO., LTD.. In fact, the monthly supply is elastic. We may diminish the output when there's an off-season and may raise it whenever there is the peak. You are expected to notify us about the requirements and custom service may be gotten.

ACETECH SILICONES has established partnerships with many global customers on silicone placemats products. The silicone placemats series has become a hot product of ACETECH SILICONES. This product has achieved world-class standards of quality and cost performance ratio. Complying with standard food grade, its material is safe and secure The product has a little extra space so that people can keep a snack, pen, notepad or any other essentials while they travel. Heat conduction is quick to ensure its thermal efficiency.

ACETECH SILICONES is dedicated to constant improvement and constant innovation. Inquire online!
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