What is the price of silicone baking pads ?
In ACETECH SILICONES CO., LTD., the total price of silicone baking pads may vary depending on the final order volume because the price may be negotiable based on the actual needs. The price is determined by a number of factors which contain the cost of raw materials, R&D input, manufacturing cost, transportation cost, and the profits as well. For a manufacturing company, they are the main factors deciding the price level of the products. In general, there is an unwritten yet famous rule in the business market, the larger quantity you order, the more favorable price you will get.

Our high quality stainless steel rolling pin is widely accepted in the global market. The silicone bakeware series has become a hot product of ACETECH SILICONES. Its quality and performance are taken into account strictly. Its modern and economical design adds value to the kitchen. It is hardly worn or scratched because this product is extremely hard and resistant to sharps and pressure. It is widely used for baking bread, cake, muffin, and even ice cream.

ACETECH SILICONES works with partners around the globe to attain common objectives.
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